Stop what you’re doing, because Lindsay Lohan and the real Ron Weasley are starring in a TV show together

Oh, Lindsay Lohan. You experienced celebrity status far too soon in life, and as such, your star-power puttered out before you could fully lean into your potential.

BUT WAIT. Your girl’s not down for the count yet.

A recent update from Lindsay Lohan herself indicates that the actress/activist/Twitter artist may be ramping up for a career makeover after all.

Lohan recently tweeted out a photo from the set (YES, SHE’S ON A SET AGAIN) of the upcoming second season of British TV show, Sick Note. In the show, Lohan apparently costars with Rupert Grint — AKA, Ron Weasley, of Harry Potter fame.

Sick Note is a comedy whose first season will air on Sky and Sky’s Now TV streaming platform this fall. The second season in currently in production. According to Variety, “The comedy follows Daniel Glass (Grint) as a down-on-his-luck insurance rep who is wrongly told he has a terminal illness and decides to keep the misdiagnosis from his family and friends.”

Lohan is slated to play Katerina West, the daughter of Grint’s boss in the second season. Nick Frost, from Shaun of the Dead, and Don Johnson, from Miami Vice, will also costar.

Needless to say, Lohan fans are already salivating upon hearing of LiLo’s return to acting.

Though the anticipation is warranted (I’m sure we’re all curious to see where Lohan’s acting chops are at these days), I’m a little nervous about Lindsay’s ability to keep her faux British accent (which she has dubbed “Lilohan”) in check when she’s surrounded by British actors.

Dearest Lindsay: your turn in the Parent Trap was the only time we wanted or needed to hear your British accent. Please retire that shit forever.

This Lindsay Lohan news, coupled with Amanda Bynes’ recent declaration that she’s ready to return to acting, really does make me feel as though 2017 is going to be the Comeback Year. At this rate, we’re sure to see a career resurgence for Brendan Fraser in the very near future.

Stay inspired, y’all.

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