Diane Keaton went on Jimmy Kimmel with a full bottle of wine to dish about her celebrity friends

Celebrities often gush about one another in a manner which never seems terribly genuine — so it’s often refreshing to get the inside scoop on which famous people actually hang out with one another.

On Monday night, Diane Keaton appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and apparently had zero qualms when it came to discussing her famous peers and whether or no they were her friends.

First, Diane brought a bottle of wine that is NAMED AFTER HER onstage, and proceeded to gleefully drink directly from it during the segment. (For the record, her wine is called The Keaton Red 2015, is a blend, and is meant to be served over ice, for some reason.)

Keaton also dished to Kimmel about which celebrities attended the ceremony for her AFI Life Achievement Award — and which ones are actually her friends.

As is turns out, Meryl Streep “doesn’t call,” and Reese Witherspoon is “not a friend.” (Keaton also brought up Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel’s ex, to make for a hilariously awkward moment.)

However, Keaton later conceded that she is friends with Martin Short and Steve Martin.

You can’t not love this woman for being so honest about her friendships while simultaneously drinking a bottle of her own red blend.

That said, I really hope Meryl and Diane work through their communication problems, because I would like to live in a world where they are best friends.

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