This girl reconnected with her childhood crush thanks to one hilarious, viral throwback tweet

Sometimes, you reconnect with people in the most unlikely circumstances. Whether it’s a random party, a line in a grocery store — or even the comments on one of your viral tweets, apparently. (That’s how modern love works these days.)

17-year-old Hanna De Castro recently joined Twitter for the first time, and decided to share one of her more adorably cringe-worthy moments from childhood.

Apparently, when it came to her childhood dance recital, Hanna’s mom was a tad confused about the concept of a half-ponytail, and ended up taking the most literal possible interpretation.

“My mom was told to give me a half up, half down hairstyle,” Hanna tweeted. “She didn’t know what that meant, so she did this … “

(To be fair, the instructions “half up, half down” aren’t super helpful.)

Twitter users found the whole thing to be hilarious, and many started sharing photos of their own mom-fueled hair snafus.

Even Hanna’s cousin chimed in, saying that her mom was clearly confused by the half-ponytail concept as well.

But the absolute best response was from David Gonzalez, a guy who apparently saw Hanna’s tweet and realized that the two had gone to preschool together.

Best of all? David was actually Hanna’s childhood crush — because this is the internet, where kismet shit happens every day.

David even dug up an old picture to prove himself.

Hanna told Cosmopolitan that since her viral tweet she and David have been reconnecting. “Thanks to Twitter we’re actually catching up on life right now.”

The whole thing seems so improbable, considering this was Hannah’s very first tweet. But, clearly, homegirl has some luck on her side when it comes to social media — even if she’s late to the game.

“My best friend Alyssa Esma along with a bunch of other friends kept pressuring me to make a Twitter saying that I’m missing out on all the latest stuff,” she told Cosmopolitan. “So a few months and a ton of convincing later I finally made one.”

As for Hannah’s mom? It seems like she gives zero fucks about her viral hair mix-up.

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