Chrissy Teigen’s Father’s Day gift to John Legend was very … naked

Once again, Chrissy Teigen is proving to be the unofficial queen of baring it all — in more ways than one.

On Father’s Day, Chrissy decided to give her husband, John Legend, what is perhaps the greatest gift of all: straight-up nudity.

Legend is apparently touring right now, and was in Boston on Father’s Day. Instead of buying John a nice card and — I don’t know — a few neckties or something, Chrissy decided to buck tradition and get a little more creative. So, she flew to Boston to surprise John in his hotel room, naked, holding what appears to be a peanut butter chocolate cake.

Successfully surprised John with a secret trip to see him in Boston 🙂 gift level 10/10

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However, Legend’s Father’s Day wasn’t just nakedness and cake (although that sounds like a pretty stellar Father’s Day). Chrissy also took the time to thank her partner of 11 years for being an amazing husband and father.

screen shot 2017 06 20 at 10 00 29 am Chrissy Teigens Fathers Day gift to John Legend was very ... naked

The Instagram caption reads:

I took this photo right after John won his Tony a couple weeks ago. In all our time together (11ish years!!?!?) I cannot believe how much he has grown as a man and a husband. To see him go from big goals to big ideas to big wins and the love of so many makes me so so happy. 10 years ago, I didn’t think he could get better, then I got to see him as a father. I don’t know how or why Luna, my family and I got so lucky in this life but I will stop questioning and just be grateful. I love you so much, John. Happy Father’s Day.

Heartfelt love notes, surprise nudity and dessert? I don’t know, y’all, I think John and Chrissy just made Father’s Day a little bit sexier.

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