Trust us, you will never be able to unsee these slow-motion piercing videos

As someone who spends 95% of their time surfing the deepest corners of the internet, I’m shocked by very few things—aside from Dr. Pimple Popper videos. Footage of any kind of “popping” will induce immediate gagging and dry heaving.

That being said, I’ve recently discovered an Instagram account that posts slow motion piercing videos and it will seriously make your skin crawl.

The Underground Tattoo & Piercing Studio in the U.K. is infamous for their slow-motion piercing videos.

Like this smiley piercing…

Good lord. That’s brutal, but I can’t stop watching.

And this tragus puncture.

Not to mention, this cringey nose piercing.

@jessmcleodx doing a nice and simple nose piercing! All our piercings are £15 🙂 #piercing #nosepiercing #bodypiercing #piercingsofinstagram #piercingvideo

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Or this industrial needle that I can’t unsee.

The hashtag #piercingvideo is flooding Instagram right now and other accounts have been sharing their own hair-raising videos.

This footage actually made my tongue hurt.

Please, make it stop!

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