The names of Beyoncé’s twins may have just leaked and you need to prepare yourself accordingly

The world has been awaiting news of the birth of Beyoncé’s twins for what seems like ages now, and the anticipation has reached a fever pitch. The speculations have been mounting, and the Beyhive has been buzzing furiously. And, ever since Beyoncé’s dad sent out a tweet announcing that the twins had allegedly been born, the public’s need for information about these celebrity newborns has been ravenous. (Because we all probably need more hobbies.)

Well, prepare yourself, because there may be a nugget of new information about these two bundles of joy: their truly iconic names.


Here’s what we know:

  1. A company owned by Beyoncé and Jay-Z has apparently trademarked the names “Sir” and “Rumi” — which, considering how business-savvy Bey and Jay are, would seemingly indicate that these names are particularly significant. The popular assumption is “Sir” and “Rumi” are the names of the twins.
  2. If the above assumption is correct, one of the babies is named “Sir,” which is decidedly royal (how appropriate), and indicates that one of the babies is a boy. (If we’re going off gender stereotypes, here.)
  3. The name “Rumi,” is Japanese for “Beautiful” — which definitely sounds like a ‘Yoncé-approved name for a little girl.

That said, none of this is substitution for an official announcement. We still have no word from the new parents about the twins, and until that happens, everything is technically speculation.

What I’m saying is: c’mon Beyoncé, throw some cute baby pics at us, already!!

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