15 people shared what “that one A-hole” ruined for them

You know that one guy? The one we can’t stand because they ruined a good thing for no damn reason. Like, the people who would raise their hands in class and ask the teacher why we hadn’t gone over the homework. Yeah, that guy. Everyone has encountered at least one of these very special people in their lives and wishes they hadn’t.

Reddit users dished on their worst “that one guy” stories and the frustration is almost tangible. Honestly, how do these people get through the day without a nice smack in the face?

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1. msprang unfortunately lost his drinking privileges.

In my first two years of high school we were actually allowed to bring water or juice into class with us to drink. Then, in junior year, some ass decides to bring in a thermos of peppermint schnapps, somehow not thinking that everyone in the room can smell it. Drinks were banned after that.

Edit: This was 1997-1999.

2. No more free food for Hobosock

This is local. There is a company that owns several hospitals in my area. They used to feed us (the ambulance crews) for free when we were on shift. You could eat at the cafeteria of take a sandwich to go or whatever. It was decent food, and hey, you’re saving money right?

Well one guy started coming in with his uniform on when he was off work and grabbing sandwiches and chips and drinks, you name it. Lots of it. Basically grocery shopping in the hospital cafeteria and taking it home with him. Needless to say the hospital decided it wasn’t going to supply us with food for our off days so they stopped it altogether.

I’ll never understand why people will ruin a good thing.

3. kharzul07 lost his favorite childhood show.

The kid who jumped off of 7th floor of a building here in Turkey because he thought he was a Pokemon. They stopped airing the show because people thought it was “bad influence” on kids. And Pokemon was huge back when i was a kid so pretty much every kid back then was devastated.

4. BiblemanLives will never see the inside of a whale.

The Malm Whale, the only taxidermied blue whale in existence. Visitors used to be allowed to walk inside it. It was closed after a couple got caught having sex in there.

5. Not_A_Good_Gardener lost his solo bathroom time.

After two weeks of stink bomb attacks on every boy’s bathroom in the building, guys were no longer allowed to go to the bathroom unless a teacher escorted them there and waited outside.

Most teachers refused to do this on the grounds that you should go to the bathroom during less important classes. Guys with all AP classes were skipping class to pee in the parking lot.


6. g2petter‘s father-in-law had some shitty co-workers.

One of my father-in-law’s co-workers supposedly ruined a pretty sweet perk for everyone.

My FIL’s a pilot for a large airline, and whenever they have to overnight away from their home base, the airline will put them up in a hotel. One of the hotel chains they use would give the airline crew a gift card for the hotel restaurant for each night they stayed there, valued at something like $5 or $10. After a few years of this, one of the pilots rented the restaurant of his local hotel for a wedding or some other kind of family gathering. After everyone had eaten well and it was time to pay the bill, he pulled out a huge stack of those $5 gift cards and paid the whole bill in full.

A few days later everyone at the company was informed that they would no longer receive gift cards when staying at that hotel chain.

7. m0ve_al0ng just wanted to climb a pyramid.

The tourist who fell off of El Castillo in Chichen Itza in 2006. Now people are not allowed to climb the pyramid.

8. A bunch of people lost their vacation policy thanks to someone Sloth859 knew.

Vacation at my work. We used to be able to roll over vacation and sell it, but now we can’t do either. One guy misused his company credit card and they told him that he was going to have to pay for it. To pay them back he just sold a bunch of his rolled over vacation. The next week everyone got a memo about the new vacation policies.

9. We feel batty3108‘s pain on this one.

That fucker who tried to take explosives on a plane by storing them in containers for liquids.

I can deal with taking my shoes off. I fucking hate having to buy travel miniatures or decant stuff into smaller containers that I then jam into some tiny plastic see-through bag that has to be put through the scanner separately. Makes hand-luggage-only flights such a pain in the fucking arse.

10. Capt_Crunchy_Nut‘s night was permanently ruined by this kid.

The kid at Pizza Hut who – while at the all you can eat dessert bar – scooped chocolate mousse onto his plate, licked the serving spoon clean and then returned it straight into the mousse bowl. It was 20+ years ago but that little fucker ruined the night for everyone at my table.

11. That drunk guy ruined the party for iamb3comedeath.

In college, my buddy threw a party with his roommates at their brand new condo. This place was really nice and they got a great deal. We were warned about two things. To be extra careful inside because of the white carpet and that they had a three strike rule that if you had three party fouls, you’re out.

Some dude had three that very night.

  1. Spilled beer on the white carpet.
  2. Vomited on the white carpet.
  3. Passed out on beer bong table and destroyed it.

Everyone was asked to leave after that and I don’t blame them.

12. Tarandon witnessed someone break the first rule.

Rosie O’Donnel ruined the plot of fight club, the Monday after it opened on live television; ignoring the first rule of fight club.


13. NoahzArc‘s story is not for those who have a weak stomach.

We had to take showers after PE in middle school. We had to leave our towels in the bin right outside the showers because of an incident. Don’t read if you have a weak stomach:

Do you know the skin of the scrotum isn’t very thick and tears easily? One kid whipped his towel at another kid as they were drying off and caught him right on the sac. It split it open. Blood and screaming. So yeah, we weren’t allowed to handle towels anymore than absolutely necessary. I felt the government was taking away our weapons.

14. itsfoine has a point…

Bill Cosby ruined Bill Cosby for the rest of us.

15. For O_Matty, Harry Potter was never the same.


The weekend the sixth Harry Potter book came out, a friend from university went to a music festival, where there was (unsurprisingly) a massive viewing screen. Scrolling along the bottom were CNN-style messages that people could text direct to the screen. My friend, a notorious practical joker, texted “Snape kills Dumbledore”, and moments later, it rolled across the screen. By all accounts, the collective scream of horror was a thing to behold.


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