A teen used Ryan Reynolds’ photo to crop her ex out of prom pics, and Ryan Reynolds heartily approved

The most uncomfortable part of breaking up with someone (aside from adjusting to life as a single rather than a couple) is dealing with all of the remaining artifacts from your relationship — gifts, old hoodies (which you probably stole, let’s be honest), and, of course the myriad of couple pics taking up real estate in your photo library. It’s a frustrating conundrum, figuring out how to deal with these painful reminders of a relationship gone sour.

For some people, the easiest solution is also the most seemingly cold-blooded: keep the cute photo, swap out the man!

Shortly after prom, 18-year-old Gabi Dunn broke up with her boyfriend (and prom date). In order to cherish the memorable photos without constantly staring into the face of her ex, Gabi decided to work some Photoshop Magic (*cue sparkles*) and replace her former beau with none other than Ryan Reynolds, AKA Deadpool, AKA Dream Prom Date.

Gabi tweeted the photos (making sure to tag Reynolds), and the post quickly went viral. It has been favorited over 80,000 times, and has received over 9,000 retweets.

As for Ryan? He’s a fan of the Photoshopping, and suggesting taking the ruse a step further. (He also created the iconic hashtag, #DontMessWithGabi.)

One of Gabi’s friends subsequently created a fake account as her ex, Jeff Bright, and jokingly responded to Reynolds’ taunts.

Although I am highly curious as to what the actual Jeff Bright thinks of all this, I suppose it’s important to note that this isn’t really about Jeff at all. As Gabi noted in one of her subsequent tweets, it’s about moving on and finding happiness without a significant other.

(But, like, Ryan Reynolds is obviously the exception to this rule.)

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