14 times Anna Kendrick was the most relatable woman in Hollywood

With all of the superficiality that dominates Hollywood, it’s rare to come across a celebrity who is truly authentic. That being said, there are a handful of women in the star-studded universe that keep their lifestyles as transparent and down-to-earth as possible.

One of these A-listed ladies that seems like she can always relate to the every day girl is Anna Kendrick. Aside from her hilarious Instagram photos and press interviews, Kendrick’s Twitter is chock-full of wonderful life advice that we can’t seem to get enough of.

1. When she said what we were all thinking.

2. When she understood the struggle of self-doubt.

3. When she talked about the one and only Claire’s.

4. When she obsessed over The Bachelor as much as the rest of us.

5. When she perfectly described our ideal personality.

6. When she understood us on a deep spiritual level.

7. When she attempted a healthy lifestyle.

8. When she could relate to the single life.

9. When she made this very true statement.

10. When she shared her take on “adulting”.

11. When she knew the benefits of alone time.

12. When she knew how to deal with annoying people.

13. When she had the perfect Patronus.

14. When she made her desires crystal clear.

Can we be BFF’s now please? K. Thanks!

14 times anna kendrick was the most relatable woman in hollywood 2 14 times Anna Kendrick was the most relatable woman in Hollywood

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