Here’s a map to help you figure out if you hate the same stuff as other people in your state

If there’s one thing that’s sure to bring people together, it’s a mutual disdain for something! (That’s what I’ve always said, anyway.) Perhaps that’s why Hater, a dating app that matches people based on their shared dislikes, is taking off — because you really can tell a lot about another person based on what they loathe.

And even though there are some pretty bizarre and specific dislikes out there, you may be surprised at how many people share your distaste for something.

Hater recently published a map of the most common hated topic in each state, based on their dating app data. Surprisingly, the topics run the gamut from “Sleeping with the window open” (seriously??) to “tuna salad” (understandable).

screen shot 2017 07 19 at 10 35 48 am1 Heres a map to help you figure out if you hate the same stuff as other people in your state

While many of these hated things are admittedly annoying, there are a few that I find somewhat baffling:

  • What the hell does Michigan have against Pride and Prejudice? How did everyone decided to mutually loathe this one book/film??
  • I’m confused as to what North Dakota has against tapas. They’re literally small bites of delicious food. I’m surprised that anyone can have an especially strong negative opinion about such an innocuous food item.
  • Does Maine hate the concept of guys going out on the town? Or is there a movie called Boys Night that they just all find especially offensive?
  • It’s not that I disagree, but I find Hawaii’s distaste for “taking videos at concerts” to be weirdly specific and hilarious.
  • Minnesota hates drinking alone? C’mon, that’s not a dislike, that’s a pickup line.

While I may not understand everyone’s dislikes, that’s sort of the beauty of this type of dating app — ideally, you match with somebody who shares (or, at the very least, understands) your dislikes. And that, in and of itself, makes perfect weird sense.

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