20 women revealed which details on men’s dating profiles are instant ‘deal-breakers’

When it comes to world of online dating, there is a dearth of unappealing prospects. Turns out, plenty of people are totally at a loss when it comes to composing their online dating profiles — and, as such, they usually wind up making a negative first impression.

A recent AskReddit prompted women to explain what red flags they immediately notice in a guy’s dating profile, and which traits are instant deal-breakers. Though many of the responses included “poor grammar” and general rude behaviors, there were definitely some rather specific no-nos that cropped up multiple times. If you happen to be creating an online dating profile, then please, take note: these women are 100% OVER seeing the following pieces of information, and providing them certainly won’t win you any favors.

1. airfrommylungs doesn’t want any posers:

Anything that insinuates you’re too good to be on (insert dating site here). If you were really too good for Tinder, you wouldn’t be on Tinder.

2. Miss_Mollyarty would prefer it if you just kept it in your pants for a minute:

Not on the profile, but when they msg you out of nowhere and the first thing they say is sexual. I legitimately had a guy msg me, “I want to shoot in your mouth” as a first msg. Never saw or heard from the guy before and THAT’S how he thinks it would be appropriate to start a conversation. I mean really.

3. BECKYISHERE isn’t digging your “subtle” double entendre:

Have usernames like “bigdick34” or “likestolick.”

4. begemotkot gives zero fucks about smiley faces:

Too many emojis.

5. __yamz__ thinks that some quotes aren’t timeless:

“Who’s gonna be my ride or die.”

6. rhapsodytwelve doesn’t want to hear about your former paramours:

Complaining about exes on the profile is a big deal breaker for me.

7. evilene_sorcha is over the party boys:

Saying you like to party as if that’s your favourite hobby.

8. chickenandnuggies knows that if you call women “crazy,” you probably don’t like them very much:

Putting a quote in their bio about how most women are crazy and how he’s looking for a woman who isn’t crazy.

9. Chordata1 has zero time for “macho” men:

“I’m an alpha.”

10. whats_it_such would like you to keep your dead relatives out of it, please:

Late to the party but I have seen SO many guys put things like “RIP Grandma 6.2.17”.

Yes, Tinder is totally the place to remember your deceased grandmother.

11. aj0y doesn’t care about your car:

“my truck is the most important thing in the world” BYE

12. ivy_carson just wants you to write SOMETHING:

Leaving it blank is the worst.

13. bonster85 is a stickler for grammar:

Text talk or incorrect spelling.

14. scarletnightingale doesn’t really need to see proof of abs:

The shirtless pic of you in your bathroom mirror.

15. Leegala thinks you should know your best angle:

When guys take a picture of themselves where the camera is angled UP at their face from their lap… ?? Nothing is more unattractive than a guys sudden double chin and uninterested glare, it’s the worst angle for anyone!

16. isocline is wary of “gentlemen” :

“I’m a true gentleman just looking for a real lady.” Self-proclaimed gentleman are usually damaged, doormats, or wish reality was like TV-1950s.

17. murder_kitty at least wants somebody literate:

You might be surprised how many guys out-and-out say in their profiles that they don’t read. When I was single, I actually found this really helpful in weeding guys out.

18. Tawny_Frogmouth isn’t amused by your self-proclaimed dickish behavior:

“Fluent in sarcasm.” I think this one’s unisex. Translation– I’m not funny, but I’ve convinced myself that the reason nobody laughs at my jokes is that they’re just too intellectual and edgy for a mainstream audience.

19. 718blackhawks just wants you to be honest about your job, okay??:

When men list, “Makin $$$”, under profession. I don’t understand are they printing out counterfeit bills?

20. genjen97 is really just here for the cute dogs, so don’t get her hopes up under false pretenses:

“That’s not my dog” Disappointment in one sentence.

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