This boyfriend crying uncontrollably after his wisdom tooth surgery because he misses his girlfriend is too damn pure

If you get your wisdom teeth removed in the year 2017, you had better be prepared for the whole ordeal to be captured on video. We’ve all probably seen our fair share of viral wisdom teeth removal reactions, most of which run the gamut from charmingly bizarre to aggressively obscene.

However, this particular wisdom teeth removal video stands out as one of the few to actually make me say “Aww!” out loud.

Twitter user Kaylee has been with her boyfriend, Dru, for a little over six months β€” and these two crazy kids are head over heels for one another.

If you need any proof, simply take a look at what happened when Dru was heavily medicated following his wisdom tooth surgery. With a mouth full of gauze, and ice packs wrapped around his cheeks, Dru started weeping uncontrollably while FaceTiming with Kaylee, saying “I MISS YOU” and “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

In actuality, the pair hadn’t seen each other in maybe two days.

The love (and the pain medication) is real, y’all.

Twitter was understandably charmed by such a pure demonstration of love (even if it was assisted by anesthesia).

Dru stuck by his statement, though.

I think we’re all rooting for these cute kids and their damned precious sentiments β€” I mean, just look at them. How could you not be?

Snaps to Dru for letting the world know that his true, unfiltered self is still pure AF.

(Also, for the record, this video reminds me of my fear that the drugs from getting my wisdom teeth taken out will cause me to divulge every salty feeling I have about all of my enemies, and someone will catch it on film, and everyone will know that I am actually an asshole.)

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