These are the most frequently banned wedding songs, and they actually make a pretty awesome playlist

If you have ever attended a wedding, you’re well aware that for the guests, the reception tends to be the best part. That being said, a kick-ass playlist from either a live DJ or a stereo is a must. Music selection has the ability to either make or break this special occasion—particularly when you’ve got a large group of tipsy people looking to dance.

Last year, FiveThirtyEight released a playlist of the all-time best wedding songs (which you should totally check out), but this year they decided to take the opposite approach by gathering the absolute worst wedding tracks and tbh, they’re pretty amazing.

Recently, a site called FiveThirtyEight compiled a list of the most frequently banned wedding songs.

After the overwhelming popularity of their ultimate wedding playlist published last year, FiveThirtyEight found that many users were equally as outspoken about the worst wedding songs as they were the best ones. So, they decided to get to work on list of must-not plays for your big day.

“We collected the testimonies of more than two dozen professional DJs on nearly 200 weddings to find out what the most commonly prohibited songs and artists are,” FiveThirtyEight writes.

Some of the tracks included are clearly NO-GO’s, but others are classics! Needless to say, the results made for a horribly amazing playlist.

And the not-so-surprising top 10 “worst” songs included:

1. “Chicken Dance”

2. “Cha-Cha Slide”

3. “Macarena”

4. “Cupid Shuffle”

5. “YMCA”

6. “Electric Slide”

7. “Hokey Pokey”

8. “Wobble”

9. “Happy”

10. “Shout”

And here’s the full playlist for hours of shameless enjoyment:

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