Britney Spears made a montage of herself working out in a bikini, and this is a whole new level of thirst trap

Britney Spears may have had some rough years in there (though we do not speak of those), but make no mistake about it: she has officially proven to all of us that she’s back in the spotlight to stay. And if haters have any questions about that, y;all can simply direct them toward her rock-hard abs.

Britney recently shared an Instagram video montage of her workouts, and it’s pretty clear that, even on her “days off,” Brit isn’t skipping her gym time. (Wish I could say the same.) It’s also pretty clear that this montage is a thirst trap if I ever saw one. (And believe me, I’ve seen far too many.)

“Had a couple of weeks off… ha!!” the Instagram caption reads. “Well, not really… been keeping my body strong and motivating myself everyday. There’s nothing like mommy and workout time, the beautiful outdoors, and flipping into gear.”

Brit goes through her exercise routine, wearing a sports bra and shorts and showing off her enviable tan. At one point, she even performs a handstand while wearing a bikini top — because that’s just how she rolls, y’all.

“Daily exercise is important for me both mentally and physically,” Britney once said in a 2014 interview with Women’s Health magazine. “I don’t mind working out. Trainers keep you motivated, but I don’t have a problem being motivated.”

That’s becoming pretty obvious, Brit. And hey, not only do the workouts give you a great bod, but they’re motivational fodder for all of your loyal Instagram followers, too!

I’m so inspired, I may even go to the gym as early as next week! Maybe!

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