One girl is trolling everybody by carrying around a fake Starbucks drink and claiming it’s from the ‘secret menu’

I am so tired of Starbucks drinks, guys.

No, not coffee. Coffee has never done me any personal wrongs. (Except for the fact that its existence makes it possible for moms everywhere to joke “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee!”)

No, I am tired of the Starbucks drinks that come in pastel colors and are a clear and blatant attempt to create beverages worthy of their own Instagram hashtags. The Unicorn Frappuccino, the Mermaid Frappuccino … not to mention the items on the “secret menu,” which I can’t even name, because I can’t bring myself to Google “Starbucks secret menu.”

And apparently, I am not alone in my frap-lash. One Twitter user has decided to capitalize on the public’s obsession with rainbow-colored beverages for her own entertainment ā€” and I honestly can’t blame her.

Twitter user Laylah recently made a rather hilarious Starbucks confession via Twitter. Apparently, Laylah enjoys mixing Gatorade with ice in a Starbucks cup and telling curious folks that she’s drinking a “frappajappajooza” from the “secret menu.”

Laylah’s confession quickly earned her major savageness points from Twitter. People couldn’t even be mad about such an obnoxious trick ā€” particularly if there were dopes out there gullible enough to fall for it.

Although some people were compelled to point out that it seemed like an especially cruel prank on the already-beleaguered Starbucks baristas.

That said, I would pay good money to see a Starbucks employee’s reaction to a customer attempting to order a “frappajappajooza.” Considering it honestly sounds like some sort of bizarre sexual request, they might actually call the cops.

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