Simone Biles had her wisdom teeth removed, and yes, the video is priceless

Okay, so, we’ve all seen our fair share of post-wisdom tooth surgery videos. We know them, we love them, and even though we have all probably seen way too many, we still have to admit that they’re pretty entertaining. (I mean, when else is someone going to burst into tears because they believe that they’re truly Nicki Minaj?)

That said, it’s somewhat rarifying to see a celebrity figure lower their guard long enough to share something even remotely close to an embarrassing wisdom tooth surgery video — which is why it’s so surprising that Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles decided to share her post-surgery hilarity with the world.

Recently, Simone Biles had her wisdom teeth removed, and was sure to share plenty of before and after photos (complete with Snapchat filters). She also promised her Twitter followers that she had some video of herself immediately following surgery.

And, unlike so many people on the internet, Simone actually followed through and shared the clip.

The video in question is a pretty hilarious shot of Simone mumbling/singing through a mouthful of gauze, and seemingly driving an imaginary big rig (while honking the horn, naturally).

Twitter found the whole thing to be pretty entertaining.

It’s nice to know that, when it comes to wisdom tooth removal surgery, Simone is just like the rest of us. I never thought I would find an Olympic gold medalist to seem relatable, but I guess there’s a first for everything!

That’s probably where the applicable comparisons end, though.

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