15 TV plot twists people still refuse to accept

Of all the TV shows we’ve ever been emotionally invested in, there’s at least a handful whose storylines haven’t unfolded in our favor. The writers we love become the writers we hate and in some cases it ruins the entire show. Twitter is overflowing today with plot lines that still piss viewers off long after their air date and we can’t help, but agree.

1. Rachel and Joey’s hookup from Friends

2. Lorelai’s short marriage to Christopher in Gilmore Girls

3. This bizarre relationship in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4. That unexpected Lost finale

5. Ted’s reveal in How I Met Your Mother

6. Barney and Robin’s fling in How I Met Your Mother

7. This unpopular depart in West Wing.

8. This should-have-been romance in Twin Peaks.

9. That disappointing last season of Dexter.

10. The real Gossip Girl.

11. This untimely demise in Friday Night Lights.

12. The rest of The Office just wasn’t the same.

13. This Breaking Bad plot twist.

14. This Simpson’s remapping.

15. This Scrubs monstrosity.

Why do writers do this to us??

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