Gingers, rejoice: you’re finally getting a redhead emoji

Perhaps you may have missed one conspicuously absent hair color in the emoji family — but, if you happen to be a redhead, then you are well-aware of the paucity of ginger emoji representation.

However, that scarcity will soon be rectified, thanks to the upcoming new emoji.

According to a press release from Unicode Technical Committee, both men and women with copper-toned locks will soon find themselves represented on the emoji keyboard.

Apparently, the ginger emoji will look something like this:

Thank goodness! Now you’ll finally be able to text about Emma Stone, Conan O’Brien, Jessica Chastain/Bryce Dallas Howard (they aren’t the same person, apparently), and any and all members of the Weasley family.

The emoji will apparently be released in June of 2018, assuming the committee votes in favor of the new emoji at the end of the year.

Some of the other emoji up for the committee’s consideration include (but are not limited to): a frowning poop emoji, a celebration smiley face (complete with party hat), a hippo, a roll of toilet paper, a sliced bagel, and what appears to be a drunken face (it’s about damn time).

Here’s hoping all of these cute little images make the cut — because I think we can all agree that a text message conversation about a drunken redhead eating a bagel would be seriously lacking without the presence of these emoji.

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