Kat Hudson shared this hilarious burnt pizza ‘recipe’ and it’s making moms everywhere say ‘same’

As someone who refuses to cook on a regular basis, I am no stranger to heating things up in my oven. As someone who gets easily distracted, I am also no stranger to burning a lot of my food.

But, apparently I’m in good company: even Instagram influencers and celebs occasionally incinerate their meals on accident.

Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie and athletic wear extraordinaire, Recently shared an Instagram story from her sister-in-law, Erinn Hudson, which involved good intentions and a burnt-ass pizza.

The pizza in question was apparently forgotten about in the oven, and looks like some sort of cremated brownie.

screen shot 2017 08 08 at 10 39 14 am Kat Hudson shared this hilarious burnt pizza recipe and its making moms everywhere say same

The Instagram caption reads:

I don’t usually post food stuff but I was inspired by my mom friends posting all their yummy healthy homemade recipes. So here it is….you’re welcome.
First take the pizza out of the box
Set the oven to 375
Pour a glass of wine
Place the pizza in the oven
DO NOT set timer
Sip your wine
Recommended cooking time is 12 to 14 minutes
I say wait a good hour to get this perfect deep dark brown color
Or wait until you’re hungry kids come and ask when the pizza will be ready…
Drink more wine 

Yep. We have all, at some point or another, put something in the oven and forgotten about it until the fire alarm started ringing.

Kate’s Instagram followers found the whole thing to be incredibly relatable, with kturner927 commenting,”I’m surprised I’ve never done this!”

Others were shocked that the burnt mass was, at one time, a pizza. “Oh! This is a pizza? I thought it was a brownie or some type of thing!!” lorrie_l wrote. (Same.)

Oh, well. At least this is a comforting reminder that, even if you burn the sh*t out of your dinner, you can still find other people who will laugh about it with you.

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