If you’ve ever wanted to see a photo of John Stamos’ butt, then please prepare yourself accordingly

John Stamos is known for many things. He is known for playing Uncle Jesse on Full House (and Fuller House, I guess, if we must invoke its name). He is known for occasionally performing with non-Brian-Wilson-half of the Beach Boys.

He is also known for being really, really, really good-looking.

And, since Stamos celebrated his 54th birthday this past weekend, he decided to remind us all of this fact with one extremely naked photo of his backside.

I mean, there really isn’t much more to say about it other than: here is John Stamos’ butt. He wants you to look at it. Please look at it.

“#54 and clean,” he wrote in the caption. “Thanks for the birthday wishes!”

Stamos’ Fuller House costars also did their part to send him birthday wishes (though none of those birthday wishes involved butts, so please feel free to stop scrolling if you merely came here for butts).

I learned from the best. Happy birthday Uncle J @johnstamos 🎉❤️

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Happy Birthday to this ageless vampire! Thank you for all the years of love, laughter and fun! 😘🎂

A post shared by Lori Loughlin (@loriloughlin) on

Happy birthday to my brother and favorite, little Dumbo boy @johnstamos Love you❤️#cutitout

A post shared by Dave Coulier (@dcoulier) on

Bottom line: I think we can all agree that John Stamos and his butt are both ageless, and that he really needs to disclose his skincare regimen. (For both his face and his butt.)

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