Drake and Josh made a video to let everyone know their feuding is over

The drama that erupted when Josh Peck neglected to invite Drake Bell to his wedding in June was rumored to be over when the two hugged it out at the VMAs on Sunday. However, the pair decided to make their reconciliation official by filming it. (Because in Hollywood, that is the only way to make anything official.)

For his vlog (yes, people still do those), Josh filmed his preparation for and arrival at the VMAs, which included running into Drake Bell at the VMAs red carpet and asking him to clear the air. Drake then told people to stop ragging on Josh on Facebook, and that everything between these two TV bros was copacetic.

But don’t worry, superfans: the reunion didn’t end there.

The two also hung out at (presumably) Josh’s house, and goofed around, making fun of one another and pretending to argue about the wedding invite again. (Side note: it’s weirdly liberating to watch two of your favorite childhood stars yell “Fuck you!” at each other, and I’m not sure what that says about me.)

It’s weird, it’s heartwarming, it’s awkward — and it’s kind of therapeutic, honestly. It’s nice to watch these two clear the air and revert to the comedic dynamic we all remember fondly from our adolescence.

Is it all a sham and/or publicity stunt? Hey, it’s totally plausible. For all we know, this is simply an elaborate ruse to convince people to stop trolling Josh on social media for “betraying” Drake with his nuptial snub. But maybe, just maybe, these video clips are showing us a genuine rekindling of the friendship these two once shared.

Either way, I’m grabbing some popcorn and staying tuned, because it certainly seems like a Drake & Josh reboot could be in the works, and that is one hot mess I do not want to miss.

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