This trailer for a ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff set in modern times has people’s heads spinning

Part of the appeal of Game of Thrones is the fact that it’s not set in any universe we can acknowledge as ours. True, the story is set in what we would consider medieval times. But the last time I read a history textbook, dragons, giants, three-eyed ravens, and stone-skinned people did not make an appearance.

But aside from it’s fascinating other-worldy setting, Game of Thrones has had an incredible effect on pop culture. A series of books that hasn’t even been completed by author George RR Martin has evolved into it’s own television masterpiece, with the epic season 7 finale leaving us with more questions than answers.

Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting upwards of two years for that much-shorter final season to get here. But in that time expect people to fill the internet with everything from wild theories to memes. After all, though the show takes place in a realm very unlike our own, Game of Thrones gives it’s viewers recognizably common themes – politics, power, war, passion, family, and loyalty, to name a few.

So it only makes sense that someone took GoT‘s themes and put them into our world in a trailer called Westeros The Series, and it will have you pleading “Make this come true!”

Did you catch these nods to the original show in the trailer?:

  • The Iron Throne, though now it’s encased in museum-quality glass.
  • The Lannister banners alongside a Jaime look-a-like.
  • The news scroll on Prime Minster Lannister’s telecast.
  • The Stark banners as part of some kind of rebellion.
  • The blue eyes of someone touched by the White Walker curse.
  • A Targaryen Square landmark of a name long gone.
  • The shadow of a dragon flying overhead.

Is this a post-apocalyptic world where an eternal nuclear winter is set upon us, one where the population been decimated by disease or nuclear war? Perhaps it’s what happens when the medieval society we already know evolves over 1,000 years advances to the civilization we recognize today? After all, it is feasible that the Lannisters could continue to sit on the Iron Throne for the next millennium, with a monarchy being replaced by a democracy at some point. Who’s to say that Jon and Dany’s northern campaign is enough to beat the army of the dead? The South could take refuge and wait it out for 1,000 years behind a new wall of their own making.

The video introduces a new, if not eerily similar cast of characters.

We see a hoodie-clad figure speaking with a prestigious man who incites him to “ignite.” Could this be our Daenerys? And what about the fiercely snow-white, high-heeled legs coming out of a car, followed by an even fiercer set of four furry ones? Could this be our Sansa, coming to stake her claim in this upended world? And finally, that “dragon” shadow that flies high over the city – is that a plane, or some other massive vessel invading Westeros’ air space, or an actual flying reptile?

But what about the most important question of all: Where did this video come from?

Some are pointing to a German TV personality, Jan Böhmermann, who tweeted a link to the YouTube video itself with the caption (translated from German) “Ed Sheeran at Game of Thrones was just the beginning!

It’s hard to say whether the trailer is simply a very-well edited product of fan fiction, or whether HBO is already starting to look into ways to capitalize on the massive success of the Game of Thrones franchise.

But we do know for certain that history has been know to repeat itself.

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