Turns out, Matt Damon’s photo is the perfect way to troll online scammers

In this day and age, you can either succumb to online scammers, you can ignore them, or you can flip the scamming tables and troll them into oblivion before sharing the receipts on social media for endless amounts of glory and retweets.

Not surprisingly, many people choose the latter.

Journalist Josh Billinson was recently hounded by an email scammer named Richard Hummel who “needed” a copy of Josh’s passport in order to do “business” with him. Rather than ignore the proposition, Billinson decided to troll Richard by sending him the passport for none other than the international rogue himself, Jason Bourne.

turns out matt damons photo is the perfect way to troll online scammers 2 Turns out, Matt Damons photo is the perfect way to troll online scammers

Surprisingly enough, Richard was … not pleased by this development. The scammer responded with an all-caps email, declaring that he did not trust Josh.

Josh shared the exchange on Twitter, where everyone scolded him for being so unprofessional in a “business” setting.

Some folks shared alternative forms of identification that Josh might want to try next time.

As for Richard and Josh’s relationship? It was eventually salvaged.

… Although it wasn’t long before Richard reverted to his scamming ways again.

I’m not sure if the outlook for friendship between these two is looking good, but hope certainly springs eternal. At the very least, it’s clear that Richard has some impressive riddle knowledge, which could certainly prove to be useful in the future.

That’s Matt Damon for you. Always bringing people together.

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