If you can spot the python in this photo, your reward is not being frightened by a python

Trying to solve an optical illusion is one thing — trying to solve an optical illusion involving a real, live snake is another thing entirely. If you need proof, just take a gander at the camouflaged python photo recently posted from an Australian garage.

(Talk about a puzzle with high stakes!)

Australian snake removal company Sunshine Snake Catchers recently posted a photo from one of their jobs in Queensland, which proved vexing to some Facebook users. Apparently, a rather large python was spotted in someone’s garage … but, judging from the photo, the snake in question wasn’t easy to spot.

According to the group’s Facebook page, there were originally two snakes in this scenario, but one was removed prior to the photograph being taken:

Upon arrival, there seemed to be a lot of scales for one snake. Further investigation revealed what was a breeding pair! 

If you’re grossed out by snakes, this information is … not great news. But, the most perturbing part of the whole situation is the fact that the python is so hidden in the image. How are you supposed to report the presence of a python when you can’t even see it?

Here’s a closer look at the snake in question. Can you spot it?

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If you’re mystified as to the whereabouts of the snake, Facebook user Ruth Walker has simplified things for you by taking a closeup of the sneaky python, who was hiding in a small craft box.


Thought it took a while for Facebook commenters to catch on to the python’s presence, the snake’s location does seem fairly obvious in retrospect. (Though that certainly doesn’t make the situation any more comforting.) Fortunately, Sunshine Snake Catchers managed to successfully remove the pythons, without harming any snakes or humans in the process.

And if you’re ever compelled to gripe about the mess in your garage, just remember that it could always be worse: there could be two snakes having sex in there.

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