Jimmy Kimmel is pissed that pumpkin spice pizza exists and he’s taking a stand

There are too many pumpkin spice abominations bringing society to its knees which has people questioning when will it all end? Certain items shouldn’t be pumpkin spice flavored like cream cheese, dog cologne, salmon, trident gum and twinkies, to name a few. And although the taste is quite delicious within the classic go-to’s like coffee or pie, there comes a time when the push to sell a flavor goes a little too far.

Pumpkin spice pizza is the latest addition to this debauchery and there’s one particular person that is not okay with it. Jimmy Kimmel took a stand on his show Tuesday night to explain why pumpkin spice pizza should not exist and his reasons are hilarious.

The questionable pizza derives from Villa Italian Kitchen, a restaurant that’s been making “authentic Italian cuisine in NYC since ’64.”

The same guys behind Villa Italian Kitchen launched a promotional offer that went viral earlier this year that included draping your naked body with pizza for only $10,000. Because paying that amount of money for a pizza bikini is so much smarter than using it towards something smart like a downpayment on a house or really anything other than a bikini.

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