This timelapse video of Chrissy Teigen’s hair and makeup routine is both mesmerizing and exhausting

Though being famous does require a certain amount of glamorous social events and important red carpets, it also seems to mostly involve sitting around and waiting (as far as I can tell, anyway). If you’re on set, you’re mostly sitting around and waiting. If you’re in a black SUV queuing up for a premiere, you’re sitting and waiting. If you’re in your trailer having your makeup done, you’re sitting around and waiting.

What I’m saying is, a part of me has to admire celebrities, because it seems like this all requires an immense amount of patience. A recent video of the beloved Chrissy Teigen getting her makeup done only confirms this theory.

Teigen’s makeup artist Emma Osborne recently shared a timelapse video of how Chrissy goes from shower-fresh to red carpet-ready. Spoiler alert: it takes time, people.

The amount of energy and attention to detail that goes into prepping a woman’s hair and face for a red carpet is truly staggering (men get off scot-free, though, because of sexism and whatnot). Teigen’s hairstyle alone takes up the majority of this video, not to mention her meticulously-crafted smoky eyes and dark lips. I guess that’s what happens when you pay people to professionally apply your makeup for you!

Also, let’s all take a minute to give it up for the shirtless John Legend moment at the beginning of the video. If the makeup transformation wasn’t worth it for you, then that shot definitely was.

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