People are cackling over this former ‘Hannah Montana’ star dragging his character’s wardrobe on Twitter

If you ever watched Hannah Montana (don’t look at me like that, you were probably guilty of it at one point). If so, then you’ll recall the character of Oliver Oken, played by Mitchel Musso. Oliver was Hannah’s best friend, and was often the source of the show’s comedic relief (though I use that term generously).

Recently, Mitchel Musso reviewed his character’s wardrobe and came to a heartbreaking conclusion: Oliver’s outfits were totally f*cking bonkers.

Musso (who, if I’m being honest, has a very strange Twitter persona and seems to have evolved into a very bizarre adult) recently posted photos of one of Oliver’s signature looks. The outfit involved a despicable amount of layers, as well as some unfortunate pin-striped trousers.

Musso did not hold back and mercilessly dragged the Hannah Montana costume designers for making him wear such preposterous threads.

Twitter was (helpfully) at the ready to help Mitchel roast his regrettable wardrobe.

Although some people were like, “Um, ‘diamond plaid’ ain’t a thing, babe.”

A few people pointed out that every character on Hannah Montana seemed to be struggling with heinous clothing choices — even Miley Cyrus herself.

But hey, a few terrible outfits doesn’t negate that sweet, sweet Disney money, right?

It’s pretty relatable, honestly. Most of us have regrettable fashion moments from our youth that we would rather forget.

Although I suppose the major difference is that most of us aren’t rolling in money from residuals.

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