13 terrible ways to easily F up a date

Going on a date can be terribly nerve racking. We worry about word-vomiting the wrong thing. We get anxious about not being attractive to the person. If the date isn’t going well, we at least hope we can hold a conversation until figuring out a way to leave.

Because let’s face it – acting natural, especially on a first date, isn’t natural. And trying to play it cool might end in a disaster.

Which is why we can’t stop laughing about what these Redditors shared about dating. Here’s 13 easy ways to F up a date.

1. Gangreless said this actually happened…

Buy a bottle of wine at the bar with two glasses, be too lazy to go back and get your date’s ID when the bartender​is asks for two id’s, lie and say you’re alone and how lonely you are, bartender insists on watching movie with you, too awkward to tell him the truth, spend entire movie a few rows in front of your actual date with bartender.

2. Tekrith has a point

Keep talking about how this is your first date since your last boyfriend died a year ago and how perfect he was.

3. tits-mchenry‘s comment is a true story and NO NO NO, not cool

A girl I know went on a tinder date with a guy who started talking about how he was attracted to kids… so probably that.

4. We can’t argue with sietemeles but we can laugh

Do absolutely everything perfectly but just make sure you smell quite noticeably of cheese.

5. Going on a date with technology vs. the person in front of you, as told by Boomer1717

Not being present. Get off your damn phone. No I am not buying your dinner after 3 minutes of forced conversation and you texting your friends.

6. Don’t catfish someone (even if it’s photoshopping yourself) –  IrreleventPerson

Not matching your tinder profile pic.

7. XMrCoolWhipX‘s friend got caught in an awkward situation

My friend went on a date with this guy, he said everything was going well until the guy asked what his thoughts on anal was. The date pretty much ended there. My friend just wanted to get out of the restaurant after the guy said that.

8. For normal people like, DaughterEarth, money isn’t everything.

I went on a date with a guy who kept talking about ALL the money he had and kept insisting he buy me this absurdly expensive thing after dinner, even though I repeatedly said I had no interest in it.

That probably works on some ladies but for me it was just a situation of “seriously? you can’t listen at all and you want to pretend you can overcome that by throwing money around?”

I did not accept the gift and made it very clear I did not want to go on another date.

9. No one is as fascinating as they think if they do what TransplantedToMass said

Talk about yourself the whole time.

10. SaltyBageldoesthings will make you LOL

“You have such a nice elbow, can I touch it?” as your opening line

11. LoneVashtaNerada on nothing is less sexier than not covering your nose

An uncovered wet sneeze.

12. Lowcal_calzone_z0n3_ has a name, don’t forget it

I was actually on a date where the dude forgot my name. We met on Plenty of Fish and my name was on my profile.

He said, “i forgot your name is it Maria?” I went, “no…” and he goes, “i thought it was something mexican.”

I AM half mexican but i don’t have a “mexican” name.

13. Cardioth is the grand finale to terrible dates

Holy shit Reddit, it’s like nobody here has even fucked up a date before! Try accidentally parking miles away from the location of dinner, or suddenly needing to vomit half way through the dinner and getting up and having a panic attack in the bathroom one block over because that was the closest toilet you can find. How about pocket dialling random gibberish to your date while you’re out with them and losing your car in the carpark and not having a card that can pay for the parking and omg seriously I could go on for ever, my dates are god damn nightmares.

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