I have to give major props to this girl who dressed up as ‘Commitment’ on Halloween to frighten her exes

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is always an exercise in creativity and ingenuity. You want something familiar, but you also want something novel and unique. You want to put effort into it, but not so much effort that you become the pariah of the Halloween party.

Perhaps that’s why one college student’s simple-yet-effective Halloween costume is creating so much buzz.

Haleigh Conner is a biology and neuroscience student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities — and for Halloween, she decided to dress up as the “scariest” thing should think of: the idea of commitment. 

Haleigh wore an oversized sweatshirt emblazoned with the word “Commitment,” then shared a photo of her costume on Instagram and Twitter. To make matters even more perfect (or petty, depending on your viewpoint), she tagged all of her exes in the photo.

scariest thing I could think of #shoutouttomyexes

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But, before you go getting all indignant over Haleigh’s next-level shade, pump the breaks: the “exes” in question are from middle school, and are therefore training-wheels boyfriends which generally don’t count in a person’s relationship history — particularly when the “relationship” only lasted a few days.

“I had boyfriends in middle school, but that usually consists of only seeing each other at school and having your parents drive you around to places,”Haleigh told BuzzFeed. “It was never anything serious of course.”

While many people find the costume idea to be hilarious, Haleigh says that the general reactions have been fairly mixed.

Many people had to respect Haleigh’s game, though.

Even her exes turned up to voice their support!

“I’ve only been in one very serious relationship,” Haleigh. “It’s not worth it for me to look at all the comments and such, these people don’t know me or know the joke so I’m not too bothered by it!”

Overall, you have to give Haleigh the credit she’s due for not only coming up with a reasonably creative costume, but also taking it to the next level with her social media engagement.

Oh — and I guess a special shoutout to her middle school ex-boyfriends, who seem pretty chill about the whole thing.

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