The latest iPhone bug is inspiring the internet to make jokes, so at least we have that to curb our annoyance

If you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds lately, you’ve undoubtably noticed a weird little issue in people’s text. When meaning to simply type “I” (as in referring to themselves), an autocorrect bug replaces the text with a capital “A” and a weird ⍰ symbol. Though it doesn’t seem to be causing any major issues (besides some low-level hostility), people on social media have found it’s much easier to use humor to get through this first world problem.

On the plus side…

1. We can all just Yoda our way through life now. 

2. Those new A ⍰ voted stickers are hot, tho. 

3. The iPhone is getting some rebranding. 

4. We all gotta relearn the alphabet, I guess. 

It’s Steve’s world and we’re just living in it.

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5. Here’s a fix for when the workaround just seems a little too difficult. 

6. We’re now rewriting important lyrics.

7. It’s giving life to more Apple vs Android jokes.

8. Speaking in third person just became the new norm. 

9. We’ll all find a better way to spend a grand. 

10. We truly understand the value of our Apple devices when compared to the alternative. 

11. We’re all getting a lesson in humility. 

12. Speaking like Encino Man just became a thing.

13. And we can all relive our childhood’s as Cookie Monster. 


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14. We’re all being outed as who can afford a new phone and who can’t. 

15. We can all lower our expectations a little bit now. 

Not all heroes wear capes…

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