Lauren Conrad just chopped off her hair, and moms everywhere are like “Me too, girl”

As a new mom, I totally understand what it’s like to barely have time to shower, let alone get more than 5 minutes to make your hair semi-presentable in the am. IF we moms get time to blow dry, there’s no telling whether we’ll get a chance to style it. Trips to the salon are infrequent, and are typically in the realm of “Just make it something I can wash-and-go.”

While we’d love to be able to spend time creating a look that says “I HAVE MY LIFE TOGETHER, in reality, mornings are spent either towel drying and ponytailing it; or peeking around the corner as you struggle to keep one eye on your kid and the other from getting your hair tangled around the brush. If there’s any time left over it’s usually spent throwing our hands in the air and cursing the skies overhead for these unwieldy tresses we’ve been cursed with.

In time-deprived camaraderie, CEO, lifestyle icon, and new mom Lauren Conrad used Instagram stories to give us a sneak peak into her recent salon adventure.

image uploaded from ios 1510173327 Lauren Conrad just chopped off her hair, and moms everywhere are like Me too, girl

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As you can see, her long blond hair has been pulled back into a low ponytail, and snipped just a couple of inches below the elastic. She captioned the photo by saying “bye!” assuming she’s not even a little bit sorry to see her hair go.

EEK! What a thrill, just telling the stylist to chop away and knowing you’re about to slay your new look. #jealous

Here’s the resulting and obviously amazing new style, because LC would never sport anything not adorable.


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A simple emoji and a side of view of her enviable new long-angled cut inspired just a couple thousand of her followers to tag their friends and practically shout “This is what I want!” through the comments section.

When asked by People about her new do, Lauren said “Yeah, I just cut it off. Honestly, it’s more of a time saver. I have to blow dry my hair while my son is napping and it doesn’t always last that long so less hair is less time. I don’t have time for a lot of hair.” 

Ugh, same.

Stylist Kristin Ess also showed us a view of LC’s bobbed locks pulled back in a super cute barrette.

That velvet star and moon clip is a part of LC’s collection for Kohls, BTW.

This isn’t the first time Lauren’s given into her whims and chopped it all off.

Just stopped by @kristin_ess' for my weekly chop 💇

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Back in 2014, Lauren posted a photo of her even shorter bob, which means she’s pretty much been growing it out for 3 years. That’s A LOT of hair to cut off, assuming she’s only had her tresses trimmed over the years.

BRB calling my salon right now.

Lead photo by Jason LaVeris, Getty Images. 

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