People are sharing their awkward childhood photos, and it’s making me remember how much puberty sucks

As a longtime Redditor (ugh, sorry for saying that), I’m somewhat shocked that I had never before ventured into the r/BlunderYears subreddit until today. What was I doing with all my time? Looking at pictures of cute animals?? (Yes, absolutely.)

The r/BlunderYears subreddit is basically a treasure trove of photographic proof that growing up is an awkward, cringe-worthy, and pimple-ridden experience. It’s where Redditors upload their least attractive snapshots from childhood and adolescence, most likely as a cathartic way to remind themselves that those dark times are long past.

There are a lot of truly prize-worthy bad photos to sort through, but here are some of my favorites. (And a H/T to Orli Matlow for alerting me to this exceptional subreddit.)

You’d better believe there are plenty of band photos in here.

The more accessories you’re wearing on your body at one time, the more social cred you have.

To be fair, smiling is hard.

After this photo was taken, he melted and slithered away into the night.

I don’t see anything wrong with this photo, I just see a Sex Goddess.

The higher your waistband, the higher your confidence!

I bet everyone stopped making fun of him when they tasted his bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers.

When your hair starts melting, you just have to grin and bear it.


Nobody said looking cool was “easy” or “not painful.”

There is no excuse for this one … unless, perhaps, his forehead was prone to chills.

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