Try not to squirm as Dr. Pimple Popper works her magic on some rather cringeworthy body parts

Anyone who will actually cop to the fact that they have an obsession with pimple videos will tell you that they have a preference. Some like the deep, dilated pores of winer. Others like the quick, little pops that satisfy the need to squeeze. And the hardcore fans love to see Dr. Lee delve into cysts of all sizes, excavating and yanking the contents that dwell deep within a patient’s skin.

No matter which dermatological woes you’re into, we’ve amassed a collection of pops for all kinds of fanatics. But these pops have one thing in common: while their contents may no longer make you cringe, getting them out of these awkward spots on people’s bodies will.

1. The approximately one million milia on this woman’s eyes

Could you handle a scalpel this close to your eye??

2. The blackhead hiding behind this guy’s ear

You can run, but you can't hide!☝🏼 #linkinbio #happyfriday #drpimplepopper #blackhead

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Cleverly captioned, “You can run, but you can’t hide!” this little blackhead is perfectly positioned to be discretely covered. But no for long.

3. The blackhead inside this person’s earlobe

Ears to you, Thursday🥂 #blackhead #drpimplepopper #comedone #tbt

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The thin skin inside this person’s earlobe is no match for the comedone extractor.

4. The whiteheads on this gentleman’s eye crease

good things come in small packages…. like this ✌🏼❤️💥 #drpimplepopper

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The skin is just so thin…EEK!

5. The blackhead in the corner of this patient’s eye

Easy peezy Blackhead squeezy👌🏼#drpimplepopper #blackhead

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What would be worse: that visible blackhead, or the extractor pressing down on the bridge of your nose repeatedly.

6. The cyst on this guy’s chin

This cyst looks like it has a head of it’s own.

7. The water-filled cysts on this woman’s eyes

Hydrocystomas are benign cyst tumors that are thought to be the result of an obstruction of the sweat gland, which causes the secretions to back up.

8. These inflamed Steatocystoma in this woman’s armpit


9. The cheek cyst that looks like her patient is sucking on a lollipop

Skip ahead to 2:20 to watch it all come pouring out.

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