How to one-arm it like a badass single mom

Having a child forces you to develop superpowers you didn’t even realize you were capable of: supersonic hearing (capable of determining when mischievous tots are up to no good), the ability to function without sleep (or breakfast), and unending patience (an absolute necessity for dealing with teething toddlers), to name a few.

One of the most useful skills a mom adopts, however, is the magical ability to “one-arm” your way through life.

After all, having a baby on your hip at all times simply becomes a reality of your daily existence. You learn how to open drawers, close doors and open jars, all while grasping a tiny, staring infant. (Who never even offers to help, psh!) Your kid is your constant, so you learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine — even if it involves using random parts of your body to accomplish minor tasks.

Needless to say, your biceps can get some serious definition, depending on the intensity of your one-arming style. And for every mom, the technique is a little bit different. For SMILF‘s Bridgette, one-arming is simply a single tool in her arsenal of Mom Tricks (which also include using paper towels after bath time when a regular towel just isn’t handy).

But, regardless of how you one-arm, one thing’s for sure: the fact that you can accomplish daily tasks while simultaneously watching over and holding an infant is mind-bogglingly badass.

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