It only takes these 10 basic tools to workout from the comfort of your home

So you’ve made it all the way to the gym but after 25 minutes you’re already tired. Same here. The atmosphere of a gym always puts me off from wanting to stay at the gym. Mix that with my lack of endurance and I’m heading out the door after half an hour. It’s a shame because I love pizza so much that I can’t give up on my quest to get fit. So what’s the next best option?  Don’t leave home.

Winter is coming and chances are you’re not gonna wanna leave your home as well. Might as well set up shop in the form of an at-home gym. Trust me, it’s great. I get to workout leisurely, and watch whatever I want while doing so. It’s also very easily manageable in regards to time and space. Nah, you don’t need a whole separate room for this. You also don’t need big equipment. If this sounds appealing to you, join me in getting fit at home—you only need a few basics to get it up and running.

1. Yoga mat


Floors are dirty. Do yourself a favor and get a mat or two to cover the space up. It’ll also help with stability and form.

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2. Heart rate monitor


This is very optional seeing as some people care more to see the results in the mirror, rather than what’s going on inside. But it is a helpful tool if you are interested in seeing how your body is doing at all times during a session. Count those calories.

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3. Mirror


Place as full-length mirror wherever your heart desires. Write a few motivational quotes on it, place a few motivational photos and let you guide you to the your perfect you. Hell yeah you look great.

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4. Unlimited water

During you sessions, grab yourself a few glasses of water and place them around the room. When you take a break, don’t just sit down. Walk on over to a water glass to keep that heart rate up.

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5. Stability ball


You must maintain good posture at all times during a workout, or a workout can be damaging to your body. A stability ball is great for stretches, but also fun to bounce around on to get your mood level pumped. Can I get one in every color?

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6. Dumbbells


What a handy, dandy stand. This makes for a legit at-home gym. Dumbbells are a must because they are used in many different forms of workouts. And guess what? You can use whatever size you want. 3 lbs? 5lbs? You do you.

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7. Resistance band


Another one of the optional tools, the resistance bands build muscle and take up zero space.

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8. Jump rope


Make some space because nothing gets the heart pumping like a few jumps with a rope. There’s something so fun about jumping a rope while reminiscing about a childhood when you were fitter than you are now. That’s the kind of motivation that puts a smile on your face.

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9. Workout DVD


If you plan to follow someone else’s workout, for example a POPSUGAR how-to or a Zumba DVD, you’ll need to workout in a room set up with a home entertainment corner. There are plenty of DVDs to choose from, fit for all fitness levels.

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10. Playlist

Spend some time curating a kick a*# playlist. If you choose songs that get you pumped, every workout will be an exciting one.

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