Here are the top contenders for Meghan Markle’s royal bridal squad

Prince Harry may have picked Meghan Markle, but it’s time for Meghan to do some picking herself.

Meghan has an extensive and exclusive circle of friends. From A-listers to lifelong besties, she’s surrounded herself with the best of the best. So how will she choose who gets to attend her royal wedding and better yet be by her side? Here’s some of the top contenders in the running for Meghan’s bridal party.

1. Markus Anderson

If you’ve followed Meghan on any of her social media accounts, you’ve seen Markus pop up far too many times to count. The socialite and Social House Director is reportedly her ‘closest friend in the world.’ From going on exotic trips together, to being pictured hand in hand on the red carpet, Markus is truly Meghan’s BFF. After all, it’s reported Markus was the one who set Meghan up on the blind date of all blind dates with Prince Harry himself.

2. Priyanka Chopra

About last night. Thank you to my babe @priyankachopra for the best date night #Hamilton #NYC

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Any friend who takes you to a Hamilton show is a friend you need to keep. Priyanka and Meghan don’t only have their careers in common. The two fashionistas sure know how to dress like royalty. Priyanka has been friends with Meghan ever since she moved to NYC for Quantico. Since the two have been spotted getting meals and doing all the fancy touristy things the city has to offer. Priyanka has also been very vocal about Meghan’s relationship to the press, claiming that her girlfriend is more than just Prince Harry’s bae.

3. Misha Nonoo

Tapas y tiles with my @mishanonoo #MMMinMadrid #eatpraylove #madrid #spain

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Misha had the in with the royal family way before Meghan and Prince Harry even met. People have also speculated that she was the one who introduced the the pair after Prince Harry and Meghan hinted at a female bringing them two together. Misha, who’s ex-husband Alexander Gilkes is one of Prince Harry’s best lads, has been friends with Meghan since meeting her years ago in Miami. The friends have traveled all over the world together, and most likely attended the same royal events.

4. Serena Williams

This may be of a surprise, but Serena and Meghan are indeed friends. “We are both the same age, have a penchant for hot sauces, and adore fashion, but what connects us more than those things is perhaps our belief in exceeding expectations—our endless ambition,” Meghan wrote on her lifestyle blog The Tig. The two met at a flag-football tournament and since Meghan has cheered on Serena at both Wimbledon and the US Open.

5. Abigail Spencer

Abigail and Meghan have been friends for a very long time. They met on the set of Suits, and Meghan as remained friends with her since Abigail left the show. According to both the actresses social media account, the two are super tight and spend together any time they can when in the same city.

6. Lindsay Jill Roth

Meghan was Lindsay’s MOH so it’s only fair that Meghan return the favor. The inseparable duo became friends at Northwestern University over 15 years ago. “We’re the kind of friends who can be 3,000 miles away and still be talking about or thinking the same thing, and even texting each other the same thing at the same time miles away,” Roth gushes about their friendship. Lindsay is truly Meghan’s bestie seeing as she flew Lindsay out to Toronto for a dress fitting at Kleinfeld.

7. Benita Litt

Happiness. #Ibiza #spain #vacation #beach (photo cred: @mishanonoo 🌞)

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Benita already has the in. She made Meghan the Godmother to her two daughters, so no doubt they are close enough for Benita to score a bridesmaid slot. What a great family moment for Benita and her two daughters to walk down the aisle at the royal wedding. What I’d like to know is that will the two Litt daughters have competition from Princess Charlotte?

With the wedding less then half a year away, Meghan better start choosing wisely.


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