This small secret to a healthy marriage is the lightbulb idea you were looking for

Just because married couples have said their vows, doesn’t mean the happiness of dating should come to a screeching halt. Marriage is not just about love either, it includes a strategy.

No one knows the perfect formula to keeping a marriage healthy but a little bit of helpful relationship advice never hurt anyone. Avoid being complacent or know if hunger makes an impact on your fights are just a few out of many reminders everyone needs.

But when a group of Redditors shared small things that make for a healthy marriage, we couldn’t help but go back to one particular topic.

One of the most popular comments on the list was a comment by Salt-Pile. He said, “This is going to sound strange but: each of you give your partner the big half.

But what exactly does that mean? Asleepunderthebridge explained further.

“My mom calls this the 60/40 rule. Give 60, expect 40. If both partners stick to this, everyone wins. My parents have been married for 25 years and are the literal definition of relationship goals.”

Salt-Pile dove deeper into his “big half” analogy and we’re loving on this advice.

“I guess it boils down to a sort of kindness, consideration, and generosity that puts your partner first and makes them your priority, even when no one knows you’re doing it.

Like, a little example is: say there is only one delicious cupcake left. No matter how much you want to eat it yourself, you cut it in half to share with your partner – and give them the big half.

Don’t do it so you can say “I gave you the big half”, do it quietly, just because you like them and you want to be good to them because you want their life to go well.

There are big examples of this same principle too but this thread was about the little things. Give them the big half of the sofa, the big half of choosing which movie to watch, the big half of your attention.

Obviously this won’t work if only one of you is doing it.

But in a life partnership where each of you is consistently being kind and generous to the other one, thinking of one another and acting on it, and giving one another the big half, then in a hundred small ways each of you keeps receiving the big half too. It keeps you reaching out instead of being self-absorbed or selfish, and that keeps the connection alive.”

So maybe next time you’re sharing a pizza, take the burnt side. Next time you’re hanging out, touch his/her butt when they aren’t expecting it. Give your significant other butterflies so they’ll want to reciprocate it back. Keep dating each other after you’re married because the fun is just beginning if you both just add some effort and everyone wins.

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