A woman’s charity tweet went viral so she owes St. Jude over $220,000 of the money she never had

College student Danni Messina had the best intentions when she set up a charity call-out on her Twitter. She promised to give back to St. Jude for every favorite and retweet her tweet would get.

But looks like she’ll be giving back more than she bargained for. Her tweet was favorited by 400,000 Twitter users and retweeted more than 200,000 times. “I checked my Twitter feed and thought, ‘Oh my God, this has gotten out of control!’ I was kind of freaking out, to be honest! I’m a college student, and I really quite honestly don’t have this money. There was a little bit of panic at that point,” she shared.

Even though Danni can’t afford to give that much money, she asked if her fans could contribute by donating to the Go Fund Me page she set up.

Danni also reached out to talk show hosts hoping they or their fans can add to the total.

The extra effort may have helped her troubles because her Go Fund Me has raised over $86,000 in eight days.

Even if she isn’t able to give all $220,000, Danni still did St. Jude a solid.

A little tweet goes a long way.


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