People are saying they can hear noise from this GIF and I’m kinda creeped out

The internet has once again become infatuated with something and this time it’s over a GIF created by Happy Toast. The animation of pylons jumping rope was created as part of a Photoshop challenge on in 2008. Now people are claiming they can hear a “thudding” or boinging” noise from it.

It started with Lisa DeBruine questioning the whole thing.

Many people responded with their theories.

One guy even took a full swing with his two-tweet answer.

Lisa then chimed in to agree and disagree with some of the answers.

But after all of that, I still don’t understand how the silent GIF is producing noise.


I personally don’t have a theory to contribute but it’s super creepy that I can also hear the noise. It’s looks like the curse of the black and blue dress is back in the form of a GIF. Do you also hear it?



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