This student has to wear a Christmas costume to school for the rest of the year because of one viral tweet

University of Alabama student Kelsey Hall has to wear a Christmas tree costume for the rest of the school year all because Twitter loves a good challenge.

The 22-year-old naively posted a photo of herself in the costume, promising her followers that if she racked up to 1,000 retweets she’ll wear the costume for the rest of the semester. Clearly she didn’t take the time to spruce up the photo with a smile because she didn’t think it would actually happen.

But it did happen and she should have known better because Twitter took the bait.

The tweet spread like wildfire with over 16,000 retweets in just three days.

Fans cheered her on as the retweets instantly poured in.

Kelsey obviously took to Twitter to express her feelings of regret.

But there’s no backing out of this. Kelsey is a woman of her word and delivered on her promise.

What are friends for if not to record and broadcast their support for you.

This Twitter user took a moment to embarrass herself as well in honor of Kelsey.

The Christmas spirit is truly alive this season.


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