Twitter is reeling over one brave genius’ fast food hack

Look, it’s not often that we’re given the opportunity to innovate our very existence. When we do, however, it is our civic duty to share our findings with our fellow humans, so that they, too, might benefit from our discovery.

That’s why, when one man discovered an important, life-altering hack for transporting fast food, he knew that he had to share it to Twitter immediately.

Recently, Twitter user Eric was getting takeout from McDonald’s when he apparently decided to turn on the passenger seat-warmer in his car so that his fries would stay toasty on the ride home.

Eric knew that his revelation was valuable, she he proudly shared it with Twitter.

Peoples’ minds were utterly blown, and many couldn’t believe that they’d never thought of something so simple.

Some people were already well aware of this trick, however. (Though they’d been keeping the genius all to themselves, apparently.)

One person even took the hack a step further with their car’s cooling seat setting.

Some felt discouraged due to not having any heated seats in their cars. But hey — those are the breaks, y’all.

So, the next time you’re getting takeout, just remember that you don’t have to settle for a room-temperature meal when you finally arrive at your destination. You deserve better, dammit!

Unless you don’t have seat-warmers, in which case, I’m sorry, but your fries will just have to be cold.

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