16 people shared company secrets and you’re probably not going to want to eat out again… ever

Have you ever worked for a company that made you do things you probably shouldn’t have been doing but you did it anyway because bills needed to be paid? But then did you ever want to tell anyone but couldn’t because contracts were signed?

That’s pretty much everyone and every business according to this Ask Reddit thread that exposes company secrets. The only difference between you and the people sharing their stories is that they could care less about the breach of contract.

1. KitchenSwillForPigs is over here ruining the best part about going to the movies.

At a movie theater where I used to work, at the end of the night, we would collect all the unsold popcorn and stuff it into these enormous yellow trash bags. The next morning, yesterday’s popcorn was the first to go in the warmer. My boss said that popcorn was fine to reheat and serve for up to a week. We never dated the bags, though (bags that we were not allowed to throw away. We reused them all the time) so there was literally no way to know how old the popcorn was. Not as horrifying as some stuff here, but I thought it was kinda gross.

2. wcrispy’s boss should know better than to piss off a gamer.

I still have copies of emails from our Gamestop district manager directing us to sell through all our pre orders of GTA4 instead of holding them for the customers that reserved them because he got a commission on total numbers sold.

3. I can see why 2muchpain’s name is 2muchpain.

I worked at this awful fucking pet store that sold dogs. We all knew the prices of all the dogs by heart but if someone asked we had to pretend not to know, bring the dog out to them to play with(even if they specifically ask you not to)so they get attached. Meanwhile I’m in the back with my thumb up my ass pretending to look up the price. Then when they’re all nice and bonded with the dog I’d have to come out to tell them that instead of the $300ish they were expecting, it would be more like $2,500. Queue tears. Lots of fucking tears. There was all this complete bullshit we had to tell them to justify the price including that the dogs were registered. Well I had a customer come back absolutely fucking furious that the dog wasn’t actually registered. Turns out what management meant(but didn’t EVER say to us) was that the dogs were regester-able. That’s just one example of a whole lot of shit I put up with there. I’m a pretty honest person as guilt really gets to me more than normal I think and all that intense lying through my teeth to good people made me extremely depressed and I quit after only 3 months.

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4. A fake waterfall, SeekerChaserKeeper … WHAT??

Ruby Falls is fake. Their waterfall is pumped in. It’s artificial. The formations are paint and plastic and styrofoam or occasionally purchases from other caves halfway across the country. They lie about the height of the falls. Like not a little exaggeration, they claim it’s almost twice as high as it is. Most of the stories your tour guides tell you are made up. Unless they have gray hair their funny quips about past tours are mostly bs. The employees are not told any of this and have to piece it together on their own. A lot of management legitimately doesn’t know. The tour guides know and don’t care, the ones that do care quit. They threaten to sue employees who ever reveal any of this EVEN TO FELLOW EMPLOYEES!

5. Mannerhymen probably works for the Health Department now.

Worked in the kitchen at a Wetherspoons (pub chain in UK). If anything went out of date, we simply changed the day dot on it so it now says it goes out of date tomorrow instead. If something fresh didn’t sell well but we already had lots of it prepared (this would happen with steaks and fish mostly) the dates would get repeatedly changed until it went brown/stank and then it would get put on ‘special’. Manager’s bonuses were, in part, based on wastage; lower wastage=higher bonus.

6. Now that’s just sad, enjollras.

The first thing you do every day at PetSmart is dump the dead reptiles into the trash. We treated them as well as we could once they were in the store — given our fairly minimal resources — but they’re mistreated in transit and often die within a day of arriving at the store. We once reordered a chameleon three times because they kept dying. Everyone knew they were too delicate to transport, but head office wanted a chameleon in the store. Most employees aren’t aware of this, since management tries to sweep it under the rug, but I was the morning custodian.

7. PM_ME_TINY_DINOSAURS trying to make me grow my own food garden.

I used to work for a food distributor and I was forced to work when sick with out gloves or masks because they ran out.

8. Did you just say Domino’s, enigmazweb24?

Worked at Domino’s in college. Our franchisee made it a fireable offense to call in sick. If you missed a scheduled shift, it would be considered quitting, and you wouldn’t get put on the schedule ever again. As a result, workers would come in to work INCREDIBLY ill and still make your food. I once witnessed a coworker begin to make a pizza, stop to go puke in the bathroom, then continue making the pizza.

get 16 people shared company secrets and youre probably not going to want to eat out again... ever

9. tanarchy7 finally reveals the bar suspicion we’ve been too drunk to confront.

If you ordered any vodka; Grey Goose Belvedere Titos Ketel one, etc You are getting Blue Ice vodka. Owner of the bar would pour cheap vodka into those bottles. I refused to do it myself, so he would do it. I made phenomenal money there, 350-500 a shift so i never said shit about it. After i quit i let people know. Was shut down 3 months after. Fuck that guy.

10. Now that’s just wrong bunkpolice.

I watched a pizza come out of the oven and fall toppings-side-down on an unusually filthy kitchen floor. This was on Mother’s Day (busiest day of the year for a place like this) so it was scraped up (as instructed by a manager) and tossed back in the oven with a little extra cheese to hide all the crap stuck to it. I was made to serve this to a lovely older lady and it haunts me to this day.

11. WaywardMSL ain’t about that cockroach life.

I worked for a chicken restaurant. At one point we were so infested with cockroaches it was normal to see about 20 a day. We (The management and supervisor staff) begged the manager to shut down the store to clean. Instead we never ever stopped and were required to come in on the weekends to clean around everything. We also were required to call cockroaches “friends” so we wouldn’t let the customer know that we were infested. On more than one occasion we would feel them crawling on us and we were told we weren’t allowed to react or we would be written up. Thankfully we got shut down by the health department and corporate took over the store and turned it around.

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12. zach_bauer123 has crushed some Christmas dreams.

I worked at a certain big-box store several years ago. At the time, it had a yellow smiley face for it’s logo. Now it is a weird star thing. Anyway, every Christmas, they would put out a bin for customers to donate toys, clothes, etc. to low-income children. Everything that went into that bin went back on the shelf. If it didn’t have a receipt attached, we “couldn’t prove it have been purchased.” If it had a receipt, we were supposed to make sure it fell off. Don’t donate anything at that store.

13. It’s never too late to go public Anadorei.

Female co-worker filed a complaint because a male co-worker slapped her ass. I watched management have him sign his paperwork for a “written warning” and then I watched management shred it while the female co-worker was at lunch. I worked in HR for them at the time. I can confirm they made no formal documentation of anything that happened that day. They shredded the only paperwork that even acknowledged it happened.

14. claireconzemius is onto something here, people!

Well, when I worked at Subway, the tuna that came vacuum packed said “dolphin safe” and then one day, did not say “dolphin safe”. Then lo and behold, a few months later back on the package in big letters: “dolphin safe”! Also, we definitely were told to use up stuff if it was only a day or two over the use by date. Edit: so apparently I was wrong about dolphin safe.. It’s still sad though that they get caught in and killed with the tuna.

15. stupidpinay1234 reminding us that we probably shouldn’t waste money on that fancy dessert that’s not really fancy.

I used to work at a well known chain restaurant (not Applebee’s) when I was young…It really boggled my mind when people would order dessert. It’s literally a frozen piece of cake, cheesecake, or whatever. None of it is fresh. And the ice cream is the cheapest vanilla bean ice cream on the market. We got our’s from Aldi’s by the brand “Dean’s” which is well known for being a large tub at a low price.

16. Haiku_lass watching her friend’s back.

My friend from Panera worked over 40 hours a week multiple weeks, and her boss would cut her hours at 40 and not even pay her a regular wage for the extra hours. She reached out to corporate about it, and they did nothing.

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