Watch Heidi Klum flaunt her abs during this choreographed Michael Jackson-inspired video 

Over the last two decades, Heidi Klum has graced us with her presence on magazine covers, tv shows, and runway shows we can’t help but ooh and aww over. But little did we know this 44-year-old boss lady had another hidden talent up her sleeve, until now.

Rocking sweatpants and a crop top, Heidi shared a choreographed Michael Jackson sequence and anyone who loves MJ’s Thriller music video would be proud.

Check out these moves, y’all.

sooooo fun 👊

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Although the 44-year-old has reenacted a Tom Cruise’s Risky Business dance scene and had a dance battle with Jimmy Fallon, we hadn’t really seen a more serious dance performance up until this video.

And just over a month ago, Heidi wore a Thriller-inspired Werewolf costume for Halloween so this dance selection couldn’t be more perfect to compliment her 2017 theme.

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