These festive Christmas tree brows will give you an excuse not to pluck in December

As if 2017 wasn’t already a brow trendy year, here’s something new to end off the year with.

Christmas Tree Eyebrows πŸŽ„ Yes or No? πŸ€” #christmastreeeyebrows

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The timing is impeccable for Insta user Taylor R to upload a photo of her Christmas brows.Β It’s super festive and popped up just in time for you to try out if you’re feeling like you need to get into the holiday spirit.

Taylor posted the photo a couple of days ago asking her fans if it’s a yay or nay trend this season.

Her fans are torn on whether the feathered brow technique is awesome or whack.

Thomas Fire which began in Ventura, California

Thomas Fire which began in Ventura, California

Thomas Fire which began in Ventura, California


Regardless of what her fans think, Taylor knows she’s pulling the look off and blesses her fans with a tutorial on both her Insta and YouTube pages.

The steps are actually easier than you’d think. First she feathers out her brows to look like Christmas trees and applies wax to hold the branches in place. She then dabs a bit of concealer around the edges and decks the brows out with stick on jewels to look like little ornaments.

The trend immediately garnered attention with beauty junkies and they just had to try it out.

It’s neat in a sense that working on this look is fun and you can make it your own.

Christmas Trees for eyebrows! πŸŽ„πŸ€” #ChristmasTreeEyebrows @taytay_xx

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But if you’re planning to wear it out in public, try it out prior because it may not work out in your favor.

#christmastreeeyebrows uploading video as soon as its rendered.

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As for me, I’ll stick to festive colored lipsticks like the one Taylor is wearing in her tutorial.





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