15 Reasons why being single is actually amazing

It’s hard to think of singlehood being a positive thing when you’re constantly seeing engagement and marriage photos from your friends on social media. Well I’m here to tell you to look at them but don’t give them more than 5 seconds of your time. Instead let those photos be an eye opener. Think about all of the great things you get to do because you’re single.

1. You get to sleep alone.

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The best feeling in the world is jumping into bed and picking what side of the bed you want to sleep on. Roll to the left or roll to the right, do whatever tf you want.

2. Time is all yours.

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You can take as long as you want to get ready because there’s no S.O. waiting on your every move. Messed up on your eyeliner? Go ahead and redo it.

3. You have friends.

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When you’re alone, you make the effort to be in touch and hang out with your friends. Being “always available” will earn you extra brownie points with them.

4. You can kiss anyone.

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If you see a hot guy at the bar, you can literally make out with him. Do the same thing the next day but with a new person.

5. You aren’t stressed.

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S.O.s stress you out in many ways, two being when they try to argue with you and when you have to buy them gifts. Cut that unnecessary stress out of your mind.

6. You don’t have to pretend.

200 15 Reasons why being single is actually amazing

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you aren’t in order to make someone like you, and you also don’t have to pretend to like gifts you never wanted. You do you boo.

7. You don’t have to be friendly with people you don’t care for.

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Skip out on those awkward family dinners and hanging out with friends who aren’t yours.

8. What’s a razor?

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No shaving. ‘Nuff said.

9. Dates are actually a thing.

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You get to go on different dates and try new things. If your date sucks, you’ll probably get a hilarious story out of it.

10. What you’re eating isn’t shameful.


You literally can eat everything out of your fridge and there’s no one around to judge you. What diet?

11. Sex is fun.

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Routines are so boring and eventually sex becomes one with a S.O.. Go ahead and explore while you can.

12. You claim the remote.

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… and that recliner, and that blanket. It’s all yours for the taking.

13. It’s your fridge.


Stocking your fridge can actually be fun when you get to fill it with the booze you like.

14. You don’t have to check in.


You can stay out as late as you want because you have no one to answer to except yourself. So you know that hot guy at the bar? Take your time with him.

15. You aren’t settling.

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First of all, you don’t have to settle for a guy you 75 percent like. Secondly, you’re not settling for the singlehood life either. This is your time to explore so find your 100 percent perfect babe.

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