This makeup artist has the most glam driver’s license photo and she’s not even happy with it

Lilly Ghalichi is truly a diamond in the rough.

As a makeup artist and star of Shahs of Sunset, it’s important for Lilly to be glamorous at all times. So if she’s going to be passed out on a plane, she still sticks on those lashes.

Or if she plans on going out to dinner, that’s a great opp for her give one of her extension looks a night out.

This is how Lilly looks, always.

So when she had her license photo renewed and didn’t think it was perfection, I was left speechless.

Driver’s license photos aren’t supposed to look like this. It’s just known that you’ll walk into the DMV office and take your worst photo ever. But not Lilly. Every moment in Lilly’s life is a moment she needs to shine so she took, what is most likely, the best photo in the DMV system.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t happy with it. “I got ROBBED!!! 😱I go through all the effort to change my last name 👰🏻and THIS ZOOMED IN PHOTO is what you give me State of CA?! 🤷🏻‍♀️Is the photo on your ID this zoomed in? 😩 💄You can’t even see my full glam! My hair was everything that day! Photo Robbery,” she captioned.


Is she blind or are we? Not even a prior hair and makeup appointment will help me get a license photo that looks like hers. Guess some people are just blessed and they don’t even know it.


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