10 of Dear David’s creepiest, most goosebump-inducing moments of 2017, ranked

Dear David, the dead boy with a dented head, started out as a nightmare. But what could have been boiled down into a lucid dream, or sleep paralysis, has been following around artist Adam Ellis. These are just a couple of the spookiest ways David has manifested.

10. His first appearance in Adam’s lucid dreams.

From the very first mention of David on Twitter, our collective skin was covered in goosebumps. According to Adam, it all started when he had sleep paralysis and thought he saw a child sitting on a chair in his bedroom. A cartoonist, Adam recalled the events with a picture of the child.

9. David’s origin story.

Following David’s first appearance, the ghost child was referenced in another dream. This time, and little girl asked Adam if she’d seen Dear David, and how to interact with him. This leads Adam to dream about a conversation in which he asks David how he died, and accidentally asks a third question, which he was warned not to do by the mysterious little girl.

Is the third question what could have drawn the ghost out of Adam’s dreams and into the real world?

8. David’s first physical manifestation.

For several nights in a row Adam’s cats would stare at the front door of his apartment at midnight on the dot. They’d sniff at the crack under the door, anticipating a visitor. But when Adam would look through the peep hole, and even opened the door to check, nothing was there.

Or so he thought.

Just for kicks, Adam took a couple pictures on his phone through the hole.

Can you see the face??

we ranked dear davids creepiest moments 1 10 of Dear Davids creepiest, most goosebump inducing moments of 2017, ranked

Adam lives on the top floor of a house converted into a duplex. So who (or what) was on his private landing?

7. The phone calls from the other side.

Adam randomly started to receive multiple calls from an unknown number. Most people would say “Big deal, probably a solicitor or an automated message.” But Adam decided to answer the call one day. For the first minute there was nothing, just a kind of electrical static. Then silence, until…

Not a question. Just a flat statement. In a panic, Adam hung up the phone, so we may never know who was on the other line.

6. David’s (assumed) personal effects dropping from an unreachable crawl space.

One day Adam noticed something peeking out from the crawl space above his entry stairs. Using a long pole, he was able to shift the cover just enough for the item to drop down to the staircase

A small leather shoe. Perhaps one worn by a child who worked in a factory a very long time ago?

Not long after, Adams’s manager investigated the space and found a very old marble up there.

A marble. Perhaps one a child would be playing with, and while distracted in his game an accident occurred?

5. The video of Adam’s cat swatting at something we can’t see.

It’s widely accepted among people who believe in the afterlife that animals have the ability to sense things we cannot. Could that be why Adam’s cats congregate around the door at the same time nightly? Or why his cat perked up and swatted at something that the video above was unable to pick up? You be the judge.

4. The first photos of David inside the apartment.

Adam dreamed of David sitting in the green chair again, just like before. Except this time, David got down from the chair and began walking towards Adam lying in bed. In the dream, Adam quickly grabbed his phone and started snapping pictures of the creature coming towards him. And just as David started to crawl up onto the bed, Adam awoke to daylight, and a series of unmistakable photos on his camera.

3. The mysterious bruise left on Adam’s arm after a dream.

Photos are one thing, but the physical manifestations of something coming in contact with you, now THAT is scary. In another dream, David was pulling Adam through an abandoned warehouse, one that Adam thought could actually be in his neighborhood. Upon waking from this strange dream, Adam discovered a strange bruise on the same wrist that David had been tugging on in the dream. A coincidence?

2. All the video footage of items moving on their own.

A chair, the one that David appeared in in Adam’s bedroom .

Art falling from the wall.

A glass moving on the coffee table.


1. The photos that show a time lapse of David watching Adam sleep.

Tired of relying on dreams and videos that could have other explanations, Adam decided to invest in an app that takes pictures every 60 seconds from his iPhone. He set it up one night to record while he was sleeping, and the phone caught a series of bone-chilling images, some even close enough for inspection.

Because Adam’s story has legions of fans, one believer turned the images into a flip-book like gif for us to take in David’s nightly movements. Just look at the shadow David casts with his movements.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to admit that the details of this story are incredible, and Twitter is hooked. It could be actual evidence of the dead wanting the living to know about his death. OR it could be a very well-planned and perfectly executed hoax. My personal theory is that this is all a part of some cultural experiment that shows (a) the power of Twitter in relation to it’s reach and spread of information (b) how easily an urban legend is created, and/or (c) the willingness of the public to either defend or negate claims made on the internet.

But just like the rest of you, I’m waiting for all of this to come to a head soon. Because this can’t all be for naught. And just like David we can’t expect that, with all this build up, this will simply just fade away.

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