This girl wrapped her boyfriend’s Christmas gift in her own selfies, and I seriously applaud this level of extra

Wrapping gifts is the least enjoyable part of the holiday season for some people. After all, it requires a certain level of precision and an appreciation for aesthetics that some folks simply don’t possess.

However, wrapping doesn’t simply have to be a way to obscure the contents of your gift — it can very well be an entire creative statement unto itself.

Twitter user @itsindysev decided to go above and beyond with her boyfriend’s Christmas gift this year. Specifically, she wanted to remind him just how good he has it. So, she decided to turn photos of her herself into wrapping paper and use it to wrap his Christmas present. (Because if you’re gonna embrace your vanity, you have to go all the way.)

As she wrote in her Twitter caption, “I used my best selfies for my boyfriends wrapping paper this year to remind him that I am the real gift.”

Here’s a closer look at that personalized wrapping paper, in case you were curious:

this girl wrapped her boyfriends christmas gift in her own selfies and i seriously applaud this level of extra 1 This girl wrapped her boyfriends Christmas gift in her own selfies, and I seriously applaud this level of extra

And, if you thought @itsindysev only saved her creative skills for her boyfriend, think again: she created similar wrapping paper for her BFF, but used photos of Rihanna and Selena Gomez instead.

This is true dedication, y’all. This bitch is an iconic Christmas Queen.

Naturally, Twitter was totally into it, and had zero problem with such self-indulgent wrapping paper.

And if you’re curious about possibly trying this tactic with your own gifts next year, you can design your own wrapping paper on Shutterfly.

I mean, what good is the holidays if you can’t be just a little bit extra?

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