I shouldn’t have to tell you to not eat Tide laundry detergent pods

If you’ve ever washed clothes in a washing machine (which is, hopefully, most of you), then you’re familiar with Tide’s multicolored laundry detergent pods.

0037000977841 tide pods with downy I shouldnt have to tell you to not eat Tide laundry detergent pods

These little, swirly pods are filled with (obviously) detergent, and are very handy for when you you don’t feel like measuring out liquid laundry soap.

And, against all odds, they somehow became a meme over the course of 2017.

Bizarrely, the major online joke surrounding Tide pods are how much people want to eat them.

Apparently, people find the glossy, colorful appearance to be extremely appetizing, and are tempted to bite into these candy-looking detergent pods — so much so, that eating Tide pods has become a meme unto itself.

In memes, people actually refer to the pods as “Forbidden Fruit.”

I know. The internet is just one strange, convoluted inside joke after another.

One Tumblr user actually tried to explain that the weird impulse to eat Tide pods is … evolutionary?

According to BuzzFeed, a 16-year-old girl even went viral for a video she posted of herself biting into one of the Tide pods. Though she apparently spit out the detergent, the whole thing has gotten so out of hand that Tide has actually released a statement discouraging people from biting into their laundry pods.

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the people who use our products,” Tide told BuzzFeed in a statement. “Our laundry pacs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes and they’re used safely in millions of households every day. They should only be used to clean clothes and kept up, closed and away from children … We have been consistently proactive in providing consumers with the right usage guidance and tools to enable them to use the product safely.”

I don’t know, y’all. I never thought I would have to explicitly tell you to stop trying to eat laundry detergent, but this is what is happening right now.

I think it’s entirely possible that we, as a society, may be getting … collectively dumber?

Or, have we perhaps always been this way? I seem to vaguely remember that story of Adam and Eve eating an apple even though they were explicitly told that it would f*ck everything up.

Regardless, if you read this, eat detergent, and end up throwing up all over the place, I’m just going to go ahead and say you had it coming.

2018, you guys. Already off to a great start.

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