Brad Pitt apparently uses a different name when hitting on girls, and thinking about it makes me laugh

Iconic alter egos are usually remarkable lazy. Clark Kent, the ultimate alter ego, is pretty much just an incredibly muscular and handsome superhero who believes hiding behind a pair of glasses will somehow completely obscure his identity. And don’t even get me started on Hannah Montana, who is literally just Miley Cyrus doused in glitter and highlights.

Well, apparently Brad Pitt took some pointers from these pop-culture icons when crafting his own alternate identity, because it certainly isn’t fooling anybody.

According to recent reports, Brad has a tendency to go by the name “William,” when he’s hitting on women in public. This isn’t a terribly bizarre choice, considering Brad’s legal name is William Bradley Pitt — however, it’s also a laughably terrible cover if you’re hoping to conceal your actual identity.

Brad Pitt is literally acting as his own alter ego. He finally Tyler Durdened himself.

The story of Pitt’s flirtatious habit comes from Page Six and one of their supposed “spies,” who apparently witnessed Pitt approaching a woman at the Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles:

“He arrived by motorcycle, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a leather jacket,” a spy tells us. Pitt struck up a conversation with a blonde in line: “She was acting overly bubbly and looked a little like Kate Bosworth, but it wasn’t her,” our spy says.

When the woman said, “I’m Lydia,” Pitt “put out his hand and said, ‘Hi, I’m William.’ She replied, ‘Oh, you look like a Bradley.’ And he responded, ‘Well, that’s my middle name’ and smiled and winked at her.”

As Lydia exited she said, “‘Nice to meet you, Bradley … I mean William.’ He laughed to himself, then got on his bike.”

There’s so much to love about this anecdote, I don’t even know where to begin.

First of all: I find it hilarious that the source felt the need to note that the woman, though she bore a passing resemblance to Kate Bosworth, was not actually Kate Bosworth. This “spy” was really putting in the extra effort on that one.

Second: of course Brad Pitt rides a motorcycle in real life (and not just in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). I don’t even feel like I need to fact-check this, because it makes so much sense.

brad pitt apparently goes by a different name when he hits on girls and thinking about it makes me laugh lr 4 Brad Pitt apparently uses a different name when hitting on girls, and thinking about it makes me laugh

Lastly: I have to wonder if the use of “William” is something Pitt only does when interacting with non-celebrities, or if he does actually go by William in real life. Is it possible that the “Brad Pitt” persona is just an illusion??

I don’t know. Personally, I think it’s highly possible that Brad Pitt thinks using his actual, legal name as some sort of pseudonym/alternate identity is terribly clever.

Brad Pitt when he settled on “William” as his alter ego:

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